Transparency is so important in a business. How would you like it if your boss didn’t share with you how you were doing? How the company was doing? What challenges were slowing the company’s growth? Would you know where you stood? Would you know what you could do to help the company? Would you know what your boss needed from you? Probably not. I have found, and experienced, sharing objectives, progress to the objectives, and where the team stands on obtaining long-term goals is extremely effective. This is the public display of accountability I use. It is a form of accountability of myself. If everyone on my team knows how we are doing, they know what I am working on, what I need from them in another format. This only better highlights the objective and give the team a better understanding of what needs to happen. If a member of the team didn’t understand something very well the first time I explained it, having a different description or story will solidify my meaning with them because they will better understand the issue…if not this time, the next time I describe the story. I have seen many leaders explain what they wanted to do, but failed to give stories to solidify the meaning….. rj and

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