Way to Go!

So, in case you haven’t gotten the recent email informing you that we have now been ranked 15th in the world as far as Internet Talk Radio goes. We all know that for other things we are #1. We are now being heard in 47 states and 104 countries. That means people around the globe hear our shows on Women’s issues, Health issues, Motivation , Entertainment and more. We are so proud of our diverse topics aired on W4CY Radio and the response they have gotten from the loyal listeners and of course we are proud of all the new listeners to the station.

The speed at which we have grown proves a few things. First, there are people all over that have an interest in what our show topics cover. Certain topics are universal. Woman’s health, personal motivation, ecology, business practices & advice, how to care for your pets and of course entertainment. We offer what most other stations do not.DIVERSITY! No matter what yoour iinterest are, we have a show that will be of interest to you. By creating our themed days of the week, you have bookmarked our station for those shows you have come to be a loyal listener to. Not only that, you have tested other shows that are offered and even become listeners there too. As a listener, people are becoming educated about the W4CY programing and as a business owner you are BECOMING AWARE OF THE IMPACT INTERNET RADIO, MAINLY W4CY RADIO.

Inthe past bausinesses had to run all over the media to gain complete coverage and brandiing of there name. Now, through the technolgy out there and the expertise of the staff at W4CY business can save money and gain coverage in more areas, to more diverse age groups and ethnic backgrounds, then ever before. No more do you need to find 3 different radio outlets to cover from Daytona to Dade or from West Palm Beach to Sarasota, or from New Jersey Shore to Connetticut. W4CY has the listeners and in 47 states and over one hundred countires around the world.

If you own a business or if you do any sort of e-commerce you owe it to yourself to be intouch with W4CY and learn how affordable it can be to have this Multi Media company help you keep your business healthy.

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