You asked for it and we responded

Back by huge amount of requests
Peter’s Livingroom hjas gotten so many requests to hear two of our recent interviews that we decided to re air them this week. So, thanks for all the response and enjoy the shows!

Tonight, Monday at 9 Pm and tomorrow, Tuesday at 7 PM we will be re airing the interviews with the cast of Oklahoma and musical personality- Joey George.On Monday at 9 PM we will be re-airing our interview with Joey George. Originally this interview aired last Tuesday and Joey took control of the hour. Joey has performed in studio or on stage with many of the great musicians over the past decades. He’s stories and his live performance made this a musical hour that rates at the top of any interview ever!Tuesday night at 7 PM, the Cast of Oklahoma which is currently at the Lake Worth Playhouse, will be aired. Some of the cast, including the actors Andy Christler, who plays Jud Fry and Bernice Cullen Carley, who plays Aunt Eller. Joining these two actors are cast members Bill Knapp, Ross Parris and Michael McKeich. A great time was had by all. Not only did we talk theater talk, but we also had in the studio a couple that was celebrating their 90th Birthday. Charles Carson, one of the birthday celebrants also mentioned about seeing the original play on Broadway, way back the 1940’s, and of his meeting Oscar Hammerstein. Talk, laughs and some live performances by these cast members made this a memorable edition of Peterslivingroom.If you missed eithe rof these interviews, you definitely want to hear it this week. Just log on to and enjoy an hour of Intertainment. Join Peter in his Livingroom for the re airing of these shows. You’ll be glad you did.

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