Your Body Achieves What Your Mind Believes

Most people don’t realize how much their body and their actions, follow what the head does and thinks. I think back to the days of swimming. When you swim, if you push your head down further than is should while swimming the freestyle, your torso will rise. If you try to lift your head the entire time, your torso sinks. What your head does, the rest of you cannot fight.
Think about it in terms of what you might be doing in your personal life or your business life. If you walk around thinking things are all bad, what do you think you’ll see? Everything that’s wrong with what you’re looking at. Same goes for the positive side. Neither side should be present at all times, as there are good points for looking at things through a slant if it’s required. BUT, after talking to a lot of business owners, I am finding the biggest thing that is holding them back from their success is their attitude. I have spoken to so many in this boat, that I felt it necessary to share it here.

After talking for a little while, most business owners realize that they are the ones holding back their own team and business. They realize that they have to go out and get their business. It doesn’t just come to them. Most of them realize it, some do something about it, some just wait for the world to run over them. I am asking you now, which one are YOU?

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