10.15.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Life Coach/ Miracle Worker Gary Woodings

Through the eclectic teachings of the Lakota Nation and the Inipi, Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga and my studies of metaphysics, I have been able to create the foundation of my vocation, and able to bring forth to those who connect with me in the services I provide, a profound and dynamic shift . I am certified as a Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, and my practice includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression Therapy, and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Through these modalities, and with my Native American heritage, I have achieved significant emotional clearings for my clients allowing them to feel true self love, inner peace, and clarity of heart. This has provided them with the knowing that their lives can be fulfilled with complete emotional, physical, spiritual and financial freedom.
In my talk with Cheryl on her radio interview my intent is to bring to the audience the idea that they are in power to make choices that can alter their lives in a wonderfully positive way. I encourage every listener to contact me to see how these life altering changes can easily and efficiently be created.

Gary Woodings ~ Energy Psychology Therapist

HYPERLINK “mailto:gary@garywoodings.com”gary@garywoodings.com
Gary Woodings – Life Coach / Miracle Worker ~ Founder of GAIA Humanity Project

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