11.26.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with Guest, Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Life Coach, Bonnie Halima Gibson

Bonnie, or Halima as she prefers to be called, has awakened to her gifts of intuitive healing and teaching as well as her role as a spiritual life coach and medical Qi Gong Practitioner.

What’s her story? Why this path?
Halima started this journey from the time she was a teenager. Growing up in a reformed Jewish home, from the very beginning she was uncomfortable with the dogma and the rigidness of her native religion. Rebelling at her parents explanations of “this is what we do”, Bonnie just knew deep inside there had to be more. There just had to be something behind the dogma. And so she began her lifelong quest for truth.
Her search for the REAL TRUTH and yearning to know the why, she explored many different teachers and spiritual paths in here quest. She had an early epiphany upon discovering and feeling her own heart. The early numbness and puzzlement was beginning to fade away.
Suddenly, she knew she was on the right track.
Later, after a tumultuous first marriage, divorce, and remarriage to her beloved husband,Halima had another epiphany. Not long after Hurricane Wilma, a chance invitation to a Sufi Healing Circle opened her eyes to her true path and life purpose. At this event, it was like her eyes and heart opened wide. She knew, without question, the answer to her quest, the last piece of her puzzle.
Finding the Truth
The True Path, Halima discovered was through her own true devotion to God, Source, Unity, and Spirit. In a remarkably short time, she began directly experiencing guidance, wisdom and most importantly, the healing available from the profound love of God felt within her own being.
The Mission
With her new found understanding, Halima has shifted into her role of healer, teacher and mentor. Her mission now, her role from God as she knows it to be is helping others free their sprit, to facilitate transformation and empowerment and to ultimately guide others, so they too are living from their heart and soul.
Where is she now?
Halima offers regular Sufi Open Your Heart Meditations as well as Qi Gong classes. Currently she teaches both privately and in group sessions in the surrounding South Florida area. Additionally, she offers a limited number of spots to those seeking mentorship every year. For more information, you may contact Halima at 954-684-6551 or email her at bonniehalima@gmail.com
Listener’s Bonus: listeners to “CHER”ing my smile receive a FREE, no obligation 15 minute phone consultation. Simply email bonniehalima@gmail.com with the date and time you listened to this and Halima will reply back with schedule openings as they are available.

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