11.5.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with Guest, Energy Healer, Cathy Bilsky



Catherine is an entrepreneur whose Crystal business has taken her all over the world. Over the past 30 yrs Cathy’s spiritual path has taken her to Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, India, Ghana , Australia, all across the United States and working with the homeless in Los Angeles, Ca. She spent time in Europe networking for World Illumination Day October 12, 1991.
As she travels she teaches meditation/healing circles of Light. She has been a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer: a minister in the Church of radiant Lights; and a Reike Practitioner. She has been writing power prayers for 30 yrs.
She now has a free pain and stress release center/rock shop in Hawaii where Cathy offers this service to all who come in to the store in need. She is also an adept at energy balancing, curse removals, removing pain and stress with Angelite healing tools (which she Manufactures and distributes world wide) and Shamanic soul retrievals. These spiritual services are offered to all in need for free….donations happily accepted.
Cathy is available for metaphysical Rock and Gem exhibits, lectures where she explains the esoteric healing properties of rock s, crystals and Angelite which is a mineral from South America that she was allowed to discover the healing properties of and created some very special healing tools for the average person to use with ease. She also teaches anyone interested how to take pain away with Angelite and Divine Love, her curse removal/ energy balancing techniques and has taught Shamanic Soul Retrieval classes. Cathy is a one stop spiritual shop.
Cathy has done much spiritual work with Rosanne Barr on Roseanne’s Los Angeles radio show as well as appearing on her reality show “Roseanne’s Nuts”. You can find two of Cathy’s prayers she did with Roseanne on u-tube. You can also find many of Cathy’s power prayers on Roseanne’s website “Roseanne’s World” Roseanne calls Cathy a “Master prayer writer”.
Cathy is also the care taker (going on over 20 yrs) of the largest crystal in Hawaii… a 1,000 pound Elestial Smokey quartz earth keeper crystal and if you visit Cathy’s store on the Big Island of Hawaii you may hug the crystal. She is also the care taker of a 650 pound earth keeper elestial quartz crystal that looks like a turtle. Both are on display to touch and hug at her store Cathy’s Angelite Crystals Miracles and Joy 453610 Mamane St. Honokaa Hawaii 96727. The store in Honokaa is open 7 days with spontaneous days off to go dolphin swim. Call and make sure she is open at 808-775-9400 11am to 4pm Pacific Time.
Walk in healings are welcome. Soul retrievals by appointment. Phone work available.
Her motto is “Think Quantum Leap-World Enlightenment NOW!”.
You can also contact Cathy though her web site at www.angeliteom.com.
I am also a semi-regular on Roxy Lopez radio show “The Truth Denied.
A regular on the GIC radio show with Bernard Alvarez.
I host my own radio show every tuesday night on KCAA AM radio in Los Angeles

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