3.5.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Cheryl Hamilton

Cheryl is an American living in the far North East of England about 50 miles from the Scottish border and is loving every minute of it. Following her heart and taking a risk and leap of faith the move to the UK was made nearly 15 years ago. She fell in love with this amazing small island, it’s history, the warmth of the people and the stunning castles, cathedrals and abbeys at every turn. It’s been a process of ‘blooming where she was planted’ and although the original plan did not turn out, she knows she has had the best of two very different worlds in her lifetime.
In the US, Cheryl was a critical care nurse for many years before returning to college to become an elementary/primary school teacher in HOPEs of making a positive difference in the life of even one child. In the UK Cheryl continued to teach as a substitute/supply teacher until taking a job with the BBC in Newcastle upon Tyne. This job was being a learning coordinator teaching adults in the NE of England how to use computers and the internet and locating free classes for them to continue their internet experiences. All this was done on board one of 13 full size learning buses the BBC had fully equipped with the latest electronic and internet equipment. There was a hugely popular morning radio show broadcast from the bus as it travelled daily around the NE. The presenters would inform their listeners and loyal fans of the daily location schedule for the bus to allow them to have a short taster course of computer and internet use in a fun, encouraging and safe environment in their own area as well as meet the presenters.
This job was an incredible adventure of travelling the North East of England, meeting many amazing people, visiting many historical places of importance in the NE and sharing computer, internet and technological skills. It was an amazing way to learn more about the NE of England. This then led to Cheryl creating three FaceBook pages, beside her own personal page. All pages have the same underlying message of HOPE. Through these pages she has met and made many virtual friends around the world with messages of HOPE, courage, love and prayer. Cheryl has referred to herself as ‘the world’s oldest cheerleader’ and loves encouraging others to believe in themselves and live a life filled with joy, love and above all else, HOPE.
Cheryl has other projects in the planning stages, some on her own, some with one or both of her children, but all with the same underlying message of HOPE. Her personal goal while here on this incredible planet is to make a positive difference in the life of at least one other person and to leave the world a bit better for her having been here.
Her FB pages are ; Today I Am Brave, Prayers of HOPE and Wings to Fly UK. All three pages are open to anyone and all are welcome. The plan is for Wings to Fly UK to eventually become a website.

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