“CHER”ing “My” Smile Guest John A. Nittolo for 2.6.12

John A Nittolo

Expert in:
– Tactical training
– Martial arts
– Security
– Antiterrorism Master Trainer and Supervisor
– Fire Arms and Weaponry
– Police Tactics Instructor

John A. Nittolo has over 30 years of extensive experience training law enforcement, military and self-defense for women at The Sports Edge Fitness center. He has also provided dignitary protection for many diplomats as well as high profile/celebrity figures. He developed a unique CQC training program, The Anti-Assault Systems Self defense Program which Is a self-defense program that provides both men and women with risk awareness, risk reduction and personal safety information, in addition to a few very basic physical defense techniques. Prevention, options, strategies, and physical techniques are the key components of Self- Defense. He has ran special self defense classes with fitness gyms such Curves for women and ladies of America.

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