“Cher”ing “My” Smile guests for 1.30.12 are the folks from Palm Beach Harvest

Palm Beach Harvest is a non-profit, community-based organization of volunteers who collect and transport surplus food to non-profit distribution centers throughout Palm Beach County. Palm Beach Harvest utilizes volunteers who donate their time to rescue several million pounds of food every year.
Community gardens are set up to provide additional produce. The conventional and Organic Gardens create the opportunity for the community to learn how to grow additional food for themselves. Where hungry adults and children find food and shelter, Palm Beach Harvest provides the nutritious hot meals to those who come to their doors. Palm Beach Harvest feeds people from either surplus food, growing it or selling it at wholesale or retail.
We have the Executive Director, Deborah Morgan; VP, Brian Kirsch and The Harvest’s Chef – Sustainable Food & Beverage Coordinator, Nina Kauder. Nina will be bringing in some Great dishes made from our gardens! Listen Hungry! 🙂

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