Deepa Thomas Shares Her Secrets to Slow Carb Cooking- July 12

Picture this: You are born and raised in a family of privilege in India. At twenty-one you are a young bride to a man you barely know heading to the U.S.A. Everything is new: your husband, your home, your country, the food, the culture.

Deepa Thomas, mother of two sons, wife to a tech executive and a CEO of her own award-winning textile business, had one more goal she wanted to accomplish: create a diet to help manage her husband’s Type 2 diabetes and improve his health. She focused on creating “slow carb” recipes that are easy to digest and release energy more slowly. As a result, her husband, Thampy, was weaned off his ten year regimen of insulin shots. Deepa also lost 20 pounds.

Deepa's Secrets
Part memoir, part cookbook, Deepa’s Secrets offers 70 slow carb recipes

Encouraged by her physician, Deepa decided to share her recipes and what she learned in a new book, “Deepa’s Secrets.”  The book is part memoir and part cookbook, filled with 70 plus recipes that focus on healthy dishes without sacrificing flavor or that sixth sense, satiety. She’ll share her story and some cooking secrets July 12.

Proceeds from “Deepa’s Secrets” benefit FoodCorps providing programs for schoolchildren to learn about healthy eating and cooking.


Aromatic fish cooked in parchment.
Aromatic fish cooked in parchment.


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