January Jones-Happy Work. Happy Life. An Inside Job-Donna Fuller

Donna fuller

Name a career and humorist Donna Fuller has probably tried it. After many spins, the little silver ball in her game of career roulette has perfectly landed on funny motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, author and coach. Her job experiences have led to a vast accumulation of valuable knowledge about how to live the life you always wanted.
When she’s not inspiring folks with her colorful – but clean — good humor, she indulges in her love of all creatures great and small. She loves everything with four legs and a tail–except possums. Possums give her the heebie-jeebies.
Donna lives in a barndominium in Texas with a stable full of critters, but she’s no Elly May Clampett.
She had a successful career in Animal Health, giving her plenty of good material. To date, she has 9 Best Humor Awards for her speeches and stand-up routines under her belt.
Through her funny, short work stories, Donna shares how the human animal bond saved her from a life of meaningless jobs and led her to her life’s purpose. But even if you are not a pet lover, you’ll find paths to personal wellness through job fulfillment within her motivational messages.
Today, Donna works with organizations that want happy, healthy and engaged employees at work and at home. She knows when people live passionate, balanced lives; it makes you a better parent, employee, spouse and her favorite, a better pet parent!
In her book, Happy Work. Happy Life. An Inside Job ~ Humorous work stories of how the healing power of pets saved my sanity, Donna is a living testament to how work and life can be awesome when passion rules.

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