January Jones hosts Humorist Karyn Buxman author of “Whats’ So Funny About….. Nursing?”

January Jones welcomes humorist Karyn Buxman

author of Whats’ So Funny About….. Nursing?”

Humorist Karyn Buxman
Humorist Karyn Buxman


Bio for Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE, BTW, FYI, TMI, OMG, LOL

Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, neurohumorist, nurse, and author of 

“What’s So Funny About… Heart Disease?”  

“What’s So Funny About… Diabetes?” 

“What’s So Funny About… Nursing?” 

While her classmates were dissecting frogs, Karyn was dissecting humor. Now a highly sought expert in mind-body medicine, she’s spoken to thousands of people around the globe. Karyn is a past president of AATH, as well as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the co-founder of World Laughter Tour teaching people how to laugh for no reason. Her mission in life is to improve global health through laughter and to heal the humor impaired.

 Be sure to listen on Monday, May 6th at 9 pm ET!
A wonderful book with humor and hope!
A wonderful book with humor and hope!


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