January Jones-Magic Formula with Kelle Sparta

Our guest, Kelle Sparta, is a Transformational Shaman and she knows the secret to creating a life you can love.  Her path to becoming a transformational shaman and one of the world’s leading authorities on transformation is a richly complex and fascinating story.

From her upbringing in the new age spiritual world to her discovery of her gifts as a psychic and a channel to her surprise discovery that she was indeed on walkabout, her life has been deeply engaging and spiritually guided.

Kelle SpartaAbout Our Guest:  Kelle Sparta is one of the world’s leading experts on transformation.  She has spent almost 40 years studying personal growth, change, and the process of spiritual evolution.  She is a transformational shaman, a psychic, a healer, a medium, and a channel and she uses these gifts as well as the energy of change that she naturally carries with her to facilitate powerful, deep, long-lasting change for her clients.

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