January Jones- ME Time Without The Guilt!

Jeannine Riant

Jeannine is a relationship designer but not your typical love guru, matchmaker or fix your relationship expert. Instead, Jeannine’s first focus is helping you get in touch with who you really are and what you truly want in life so that you can actualize and experience your full potential.

She is also an Enjoyment Revolutionist with her partner Kris Mcloed, where they are looking to change the paradigm or worldview that life has is supposed to be hard. They want to help you create a life that is defined by YOU, guided by your uniqueness and your joy, which is connected to your inner resources, empowered in your emotions and strengthened in your wholeness. It is where a community of people meet in creating a new paradigm, connected and supported, that is there to uplift you.

Jeannine brings her gift of illuminating what you need to let go of in order to experience your authentic, vibrant self – and gives you the tools, support and resources to fully embrace and own whom you’re meant to be in this lifetime. She believes that before you can have a successful relationship with a partner, your children, your career, your health & yes, even your money, you must first have a solid, compassionate and well-grounded – relationship with YOURSELF.

YOU and who you are being is the root cause to all challenges you may experience AND all possibility that exists for you to experience your top potential in this lifetime.

Jeannine says that when we do the inner work to heal and change the things that no longer serve you, everything outside of you changes too.

She offers one-on-one support for women who are ready to experience their life and their potential in a new and wonderful way. She will facilitate a journey of self-discovery and healing that results in you experiencing better love relationships, increased wealth and actualized purpose.

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