January Jones welcomes Rick Polson author of “Making a Super Star Company” on Tuesday, May 14th at 9 pm ET!

January Jones welcomes Rick Polson author of “Making a Super Star Company”

Tuesday, May 14th at 9 pm ET!

About Author Rick Polson


 Rick  Polson


Communications is an art that I have taken to heart since high school. After helping to set up and participate in an on-campus radio station, I went on to study broadcast communications, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Curry College. Since then, I have held a wide range of positions in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

I was an Account Executive at several broadcast facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Boston, Massachusetts; and Tampa Bay, Florida – selling, writing, and producing ads for numerous industries. I also was an on-air participant in some locations. As a Public Relations Manager for an international computer product manufacturer and distributor, I was deeply involved in branding global product lines. I also have advertising agency experience, involved with all aspects of client relations and placement of marketing programs.

Throughout my career, I have held high expectations for my staff and myself. It is important that everyone is properly trained in their focuses, whether sales, customer service, advertising or marketing. Communication is also important to encourage a continual flow of information to build confidence in the company and staff.

I mastered several computer programs, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Sales Tools (ACT, Goldmine), and social media applications (Facebook, Twitter).

Rick Polson



So, you just started a business

    This compelling new book by Rick Polson – ”Making a Superstar Company” – gives new business owners a way to understand the different types of marketing and advertising vehicles available to them. It is written in a style where “you’re sharing a cup of coffee or meal” with the author while he tells you how these things work. There are many historic references and examples to give the reader an understanding of newspaper, radio, cable/TV and the Internet just to name a few.

            As the author says, ”Most small business owners are experts in retail, restaurants, service companies like air conditioning or plumbing, but most have no real grasp on how to gain a customer base and build a business. That’s why I wrote the book. To help them grow and be successful.”

            He goes on to tell us that there are plenty of examples in each chapter that the reader can put into place immediately and grow their business successfully. If read a chapter or two at a time, the new business owner can build their organization in steps and be successful. It is also a benefit for business owners of any current business as a review of new ideas.

            The book is available at many eBook channels like Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, ebookstore.sony.com, Smashwords.com and many more. You can also contact Rick at bigrickbook@yahoo.com. It will be a paperback in the spring.

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