January Jones with Sharise Erby-Empowerment Coach

Sharise Erby
Sharise Erby is a charismatic Empowerment Life Coach who is multi-gifted as she excels in leadership and is a passionate entrepreneur, it runs through her veins. Sharise has earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management and her Masters of Health Administration from University of Phoenix. Sharise has served in management for over 20 years in the health care industry ensuring that at-risk populations have access to health care benefits.
She has successfully led operations teams of over 200 employees as they raised the bar in customer service while achieving company goals. One of Sharise’s dominant attributes is her ability to build and transform under-performing teams into strongly engaged high-performing teams.
Sharise has owned an event planning business, co-owned two restaurants, is the founder of Go Tell It Communications & Publishing, LLC, and the Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network, which hosts the Phenomenal Woman Conference, and has now authored two powerful inspirational books, with the new release of Whole Women Win, Unleashing the Winner from Within.
Now that the formalities are finished, are you ready to live your best life? Are you ready to go get your dreams? Meet Empowerment Life Coach and Speaker Sharise Lynn Erby.Sharise Erby

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