KISS Away Anger

My guest today, Dr. Erica Kosal, has been dealing with the devastating illness of her husband, Jim, for the past five years. Understandably, she has experienced a wide range of emotions including stress and anger. But this college professor and mother of two refused to allow those feelings to get the better of her. Instead, she relied on some age-old wisdom from her mother as well as some creative new techniques she developed for herself.
As a child, Erica’s mother recommended that when bad things happen it’s important to acknowledge them but not dwell on them. Refocusing on what is positive allows one to avoid the pitfalls of bitterness, hopelessness, and self-pity – three deadly emotions sure to send one into a downward spiral of despair and anger. Erica later expanded this lesson into one of developing a global perspective – an attitude of living beyond the moment (contrary to what many people practice in terms of living for today). If today is particularly bad, one may have a difficult seeing tomorrow’s sunlight. But the practice of seeing each day or moment in relation to the entirety allows one to be reminded of the good days already lived as well as those waiting on the horizon.
Attitude and perspective also became cornerstones for keeping anger at bay. Reflecting on gratitude for what they had verses resentment over what could no longer be enabled Erica and her husband to cherish the time they shared and make the most of each moment.
Her “Chunk-It” technique may sound too simple to be effective but it works. Rather than view her current situation in its entirety (which can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of hopelessness and despair), she broke down each day into smaller more controllable chunks. In that way, she could manage each task without feeling as though she was being devoured by the enormity of her husband’s condition.
Relying on hypnosis (deep relaxation) and something called The Healing Codes (a combination of prayer and activating energy points on the body), Erica had managed to navigate her way through the greatest challenge of her life without jeopardizing her health, sanity and family.
No one is immune to unexpected challenges and hardships. When trying to find our way in our new circumstances it is easy to fall prey to stress, anger, and sometimes rage. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Find what works for you and make it a KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetie.
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