Restoring Your Health and Your Life!

Tune in Monday, January 21, 2013, 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m. ET as The Nancy Ferrari Show will focus on new techniques to maximize your health, feel better and be energized!  Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest will be Dennis Watts, a Natural Health Research Scientist and former Systems Engineer in the Space and Defense Industries.  He has over 35 years’ experience in practice and research. Get your pen and paper ready for some serious note taking during this interview. Dennis Watts has powerful information to help you restore health and vitality to your body, mind, and spirit.

Dennis will share ancient secrets to restore and regenerate health without the usual high cash outlay. He will also share with the audience the latest information regarding Smart meters and their impact on our health and well-being. He will also provide solutions to electro-pollution during this interview you don’t want to miss this invaluable information.

A few of the topics we’ll discuss are:

Restore tooth enamel and stimulate receding gums to grow back.

The latest Technology for ionizing your teeth for health and vitality.

Reveals the power of Oil Pulling Therapy for healthy teeth and gums.

Reveals the reason for Brushing teeth with chemical-free toothpaste.

Reveals latest finding on smart meter technology.

Tune in at and have your pen and paper ready to take notes!  You won’t want to miss this valuable information!


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