Single Mom the Musical creator, Julie Kidd, featured on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Mark your calendar for Monday, as The Nancy Ferrari Show is going to be very entertaining, revealing and inspiring as my featured guest is Julie Kidd, recently crowned the winner of the “Hilarious Housewife” Comedy Competition on ABC’s The View and is preparing for… her one woman show “Single Mom the Musical”.  Affectionately nicknamed the “Dysfunctional Housewife” by her comedy group, the popular “Funniest Housewives of Orange County”- Julie Kidd, a  mom with three children who is too busy to cook.  When she calls her kids to dinner, they run to the car!
Julie’s quirky parenting views capture the truth, struggle and the glory of raising three children on her own as she delights audiences and always leaves them wanting more.  The portrayal of Julie’s humor translates into a “can do” attitude and her triumphs cannot be summed up easily, for there are many!  Julie is the author of Momalogue, A Journey through a Single Mother’s Hood.  Her jokes have been featured in Good Housekeeping and in numerous comedy books including: Comedy Thesaurus, She’s So Funny, Mom This Jokes For You, and Loves Funny That Way and Julie is a contributing writer of  Join us Monday, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on

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