Spinning Your Gold: How to Use Divine Dialogue Writing with Lore Raymond on The Nancy Ferrari

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show on November 4th, 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET as Nancy’s featured guest is Lore Raymond, who is an American transformational writer, spiritual mentor, speaker, and world hostess living in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Some of Lore’s mantle’s include being a:
• Successful alchemist who turns formless ideas into magnificent experiences i.e. Divine Dialogue Writing ™; VisionQuest travels;VisionMapping ™ workshops and; Your Soul Café: Conversations that Open Hearts and Inspire Action™
• Intuitive bridge person or “chakaruna” described by a Peruvian shaman friend that her life purpose is: to connect people from earth to heaven for their highest good. http://www.moxywomen.com/article.php?id=20
• heart-centered teacher-student
• creative catalyst
• generous humanitarian to friends and strangers
As a world traveler and former Air Force brat and wife, Lore has experienced many round trips to hell. She knows that it’s a “place” she’ll never have to visit again! As a forever student-teacher, her path is to love and bless, and so experiencing life abundantly! On one side of the coin are the experiences of financial success, national communication awards, world travels, ex-patriate adventures, humanitarian efforts, motherhood, marriage, Master’s degrees, homes, cars, bank accounts, and more. The other contrasting side reflects experiences of divorce, job loss, and despair.
A passionate reader, Lore has served as a judge for a prestigious international books awards program in the spiritual book category. As an on line publisher, she also leads and shares the vision for a Facebook magazine, Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond; the intention with the 13 contributing, international women writers is to “empower women through inspiration and information.” In 2007 she co-founded the Creative Writing Circle which met monthly with writers and authors; it has since evolved into the Tampa Bay Circle for Divine Dialogue Writing ™.
She is now writing two books of a trilogy including: Spinning Your Gold: How to Use Divine Dialogue Writing ™ for Your Transformation and; Spinning Your Gold: How to Use Travel as Your Spiritual Practice; both are scheduled for release in 2015.
Since 1982, Lore has called St. Petersburg of Tampa Bay, Florida her “home base”.

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