The Nancy Ferrari Show featuring Western Filmmaker Tino Luciano

Join me and my special guest, Tino Luciano, executive producer/director of Law Dog Productions who will share his upcoming production of the feature film, The Reckoning of Scarlet Water, and also 17 episodes of Tales of the Frontier that he directed.   Tino Luciano has enjoyed a 10 year career as an actor, stuntman, owner of his stunt company, Reel Time Stunts, and now producing classic western films within Law Dog Productions.  It was from his fascination of watching western television shows and films as a child that has shaped his career and passion to create more family value programming.

Tune in Monday, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on The Nancy Ferrari Show to learn even more about this new feature film and more about Tino Luciano.  Also visit his new website, and


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