“Which Sweeteners are Best – especially for Baking”


RADIO PROMO for 10/24/12

“Which Sweeteners are Best – especially for Baking”

Sugar, Sugar-Free, Honey, Stevia, Sucanat… so many choices.  Which ones are best, and which are an absolute No?  If you don’t use sugar, how do you use other sweeteners when making muffins, cookies or even ice cream? Here in our Family Food Experts Kitchen to give us straight sweet facts along with delicious recipes will be co-hostDr. Heather Manley, author of Human Body Detectiveseducation series for kids, and, the Sugar-Free Mom, Brenda Bennett. This topic is timely as “Sweet Season” is upon us; Halloween and the holidays. Tune in on Wed. Oct. 24th, 6pm ET, W4WN radio for sweet solutions.  Join us in the Chat Room –be eligible for our weekly show prize.  Get a sneak peek the day before, Tuesday 2pm ET at our Twitter Party. #famfoodexperts. See you then!

… for the health of your family,
ellen (host)

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