6.11.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Felix Alvarez


It is my journey to help the community thru service and self healing. I realized this when I myself was involved in a 5th story window fall in 1979 and survived. I realize we all have the power and ability to heal ourselves in ever way imaginable. We truly do!! In most cases we bring about the pain and suffering upon ourselves. 1979 5th story widow fall/accident left me paralyzed waist down. After I have been told that I was not going to be walk again and months in the hospital, thru my own universal healing process I did walk out the hospital, in crouches but never the less walking. Shortly after I joined the ARMY!! After years of denial of what transpired and countless events and occurrences in my life I completely surrender to the universe/ source/ power/ energy/ spirit/ God whatever one may call in, it’s all the same. When another incident accrued in September 2011 at the Georgia Appalachian Train with Black bears it’s when all started to make sense. Thus the House of Bread, being in incubation for about 2 years was borne. The House of bread Spiritual Center has been in the works for several years, but it dints manifest itself until my return from the Georgia Appalachian Trail in September of last year.

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