7.2.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Dr. Judy Staveley

Dr. Judy Staveley is an instructor and a triathlete who teaches at several colleges in the Maryland area. She serves as a spokeswoman and advocate for several biological, health medicine and Forensic science organizations. Additionally, as a triathlete, and National health/Fitness Specialist she assists in several community programs to initiative “health in youth sports” and is part of the USA Swimming, USA hockey and USAT organizations. Professor Judy Staveley was born in San Antonio, Texas.

Staveley is a highly regarded speaker on health and wellness along with motivating you to pursue athletic and health activities. Promoting the biological and psychological aspects of health among children and adults will help promote a healthier lifestyle among Americans. Staveley has been featured in presentations, numerous media articles and television appearances. While serving as a Professor, she remains active in her athletic and charitable pursuits and raises money for cancer, autism, and many other charitable nonprofit organizations to help support families of fallen soldiers and / or families of cancer victims.

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