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Medical Care is Not Healthcare: Drugs Do Not Cure Diseases & in Most Cases Cause Adverse Reactions

Misunderstood Healthcare: Why Medical Care is not Healthcare




PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 02, 2012 –
The Supreme Court decision imposes $1+ trillion in national debt while increasing government spending to make medical care mandatory, in spite of 68% of Americans not wanting it. And it’s not true healthcare; says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a board-certified internist who taught at Loma Linda University, 1974-78.

Confronted with medical literature that prescription drugs are a leading cause of illness and death, US Senator, Claire McCaskill told Richard Ruhling, MD, that he was wasting his time visiting senate offices, saying, “They own us!” She was referring to big pharma’s contributions to re-election campaigns. Many don’t even read what they vote for.

“Medical care relieves symptoms, but in most cases does not address the underlying cause. Medical texts state ‘unknown etiology’ for most conditions,” says Ruhling.

Example: With little time to interview why cholesterol is high, it’s easier to prescribe statins, but studies link statins to diabetes (60,000 cases). says Ruhling, adding, “Every drug in the Physician’s Desk Reference (available in libraries) has a long list of adverse reactions.”

The Bible offers insight on the economy. “In Revelation 18:23, the word sorcery, is translated from the Greek word pharmakeia, by which “all nations are deceived.” Every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Ruhling offers an acronym for healthcare: NEW START–Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance (avoiding toxic substances), (pure) Air, Rest, and Trust in Nature (positive attitudes). Real healthcare is free except for food-and more effective than trillions in taxes going to the medical/drug establishment.

Dr. Richard Ruhling, is retired but gives seminars and has an internet radio program focused on freedom and health accessed at

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