2.20.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Brent Knoll

I came to Miami from Nebraska in 1990 to earn a degree in fashion,
after playing football and studying journalism at Kearney State University. Once here, I began working as a personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga instructor, but could not contain my love of plants or my desire to work the land. In particular, I was totally blown away by the exotic orchids thriving in South Florida, and before long, I began collecting Thai, South American and Hawaiian varieties that loved the warm humid climate of my new home. In 1997 I founded Smiling Moose Orchids, funny name huh, I thought so, something to “attract your attention.” My first customers were my personal training clients, who started asking me to help them with small garden projects, and from there my landscaping business grew organically, and rather by accident. The Knoll kids did not have regular pillow-fights, we’d load books in the cases. What’s the final product? I’ve cultivated my passion through a lifetime of experience. In me, you get one big tall farmin’ boy who understands the law of the land, the importance of organization, and doesn’t shy away from hard work. I have 16 years of experience creating elegant gardens in Miami. I can do the same for you as your garden guru.

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