5.14.2012 “Cher”ing “My” Smile guest Psychic Halley Elise


Halley Élise, B Div, C Ht

Empowerment Psychic Halley Élise is naturally Clairvoyant, Sentient and Intuitive,
and is conversant In many subjects~
Psychic Phenomena
Universal Principles
Energy Modalities

Halley attended Yeshiva, is an Ordained Non Denominational Minister, and is a Meditation Expert and Lecturer.
Her certification includes:
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Psycho-Social issues
Jungian dream theory
& Positive Psychology.

Halley has frequented radio and television for many years and at present may be seen on Web TV. She has worked with FBI agents and police officers; and while participating with the local Renaissance Festival, security would often come to Halley to locate missing children.

Halley has accurately predicted events from local brownouts to the turnaround in the Anna Nicole case.
Halley has authored:
The book Treasures Within©, the column, Table of Love©, and has made a contribution to the book series Thank God I…© endorsed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Halley is the creator and facilitator of the Psychic Apprenticeship Program©, conducts monthly Psychic Galleries, and has been established in South Florida since 1995.


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