January Jones-Successful 2nd Marriages

Patricia Bubash received her Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Counseling from the University of Missouri, St.Louis. Along with her degree she took post-graduate classes in testing and assessment. Her true love and passion has been working with children, and their parents. For over thirty years she has worked as a counselor in an educational setting. During those years she often presented workshops at the community college on such issues as self-esteem,
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January Jones – Holidays with Pam Evans, Author of Ring Exchange

January Jones is pleased to welcome back for the second time around…Pam Evans. She’s the Author of Ring EXchange – Adventures of a Multiple Marrier which is a book about Pam’s own journey and the missteps she made that led to four marriages and four divorces before her 50th birthday. Also,Pat Bubash, author of Successful Second Marriages, joins in the conversation. Pam did the hard work of self-discovery and reflection about her
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