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January Jones: “Smiles from the Clinic: Humorous look at Cancer”

This is a cartoon book meant for cancer patients, their friends and families, health care professionals and anyone else who has been touched by cancer. It shows that humor is all around us, even with a diagnosis of cancer.
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January Jones- Live Longer & Healthier – Jane Goldberg

Dr. Jane Goldberg is a psychoanalyst and holistic health practitioner. She owns La Casa Spa and Wellness Center as well as La Casa Resort Spa and Wellness Center in Puerto Rico (which will re-open after extensive renovation in the Fall of 2016). She is the author of 8 books, including the latest, entitled My Mother, My Daughter, My Self to be published in Oct 2016. She blogs for Huffington Post, Natural News, Health Nut News, The Truth About
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January Jones-Veteran’s Fighting 4 Our Lives!

Highlighting a film that deals with post-traumatic stress disorder among military veterans, and especially military sexual assault, may be uncomfortable for audiences, but blending those two subjects with the hugely popular sport – MMA – will make “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives” not only educational, but entertaining.
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January Jones-Broken wing with John Graves

John Graves has been the managing partner of a mid-sized independent financial advisory firm for 28 years. His interest in the world of shale gas and oil sprang up from a question a client asked, “Isn’t this fracking thing dangerous to the Earth?”
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