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January Jones – The Waste of War

Carole Emma Mathewson, is the author of The Waste of War: The Story of A Civil War Surgeon and His Nurse. It is a compelling tale of love & devotion amid the havoc of a civil war that changed our country.
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January Jones-Virtual Lap-Band Hypnosis

Hazel Palache, holds certifications as a coach, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and stress management counselor. She is the president of Your Stairway to Wealth and a best selling author. Hazel will be discussing her virtual Gastric La-Band Hypnosis. Hazel says; “Wealth is not just about money. Good health, a joyful spiritual life and financial freedom equal a wealthy life. She has been in the field of personal, professional and spiritual development for over 20 years and
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January Jones-Soldiers Story Kevin Zimmerman

Army veteran Kevin Zimmerman has dedicated his life and career to serving his country and the people who fight to protect it. He is the author of A Time for Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story and has been awarded the Soldier's Medal, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a service member by Congress for an act of bravery when the nation is not declared at war, twice.
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