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Pipeman Interviews Joe Escalante of The Vandals

Interview by Dean “The Pipeman” Piper The Pipeman:  As an artist, what do you think separates PRB from the rest of the punk festivals?  What about PRB makes it exciting for an artist to have the opportunity to play? Joe: PRB is simply more punk than the rest of the festivals we play in the
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Our guest today is Adele Park, an Audie Award winning writer, producer and voice-over artist. Adele is the owner of a recording studio called Straight to Audio Productions. So far, Adele has produced three audiobooks. Her first project, Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book, is a 2011 Audie Award Winner in the Multi-Voiced Category. Yikes – Another Quirky Audio Book is a comedy about marijuana and reality TV. Adele's latest work, Gadzooks – A Comically Quirky Audio Book,
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