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Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Guest Akil Taher on Incito

Akil Taher went through a heart bypass surgery in his early 60s. At the age of 61, after the surgery, he decided that he wanted to be completely reborn. Since that moment, he has never looked back. Akil has been running half-marathons and climbing mountains, even including Mt. Kilimanjaro, for charity. In January, he is […]
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January Jones – In Our Own Words

Barbara Marriott’s insatiable curiosity has sent her tumbling into some unique adventures. Her move to the west turned into several non-fiction history books including Annie’s Guests, the story of a territorial hotel and its guests, Canyon of Gold, a tribute to the Pioneers of the Santa Catalina Mountains, and Outlaw Tales of New Mexico which was awarded first place in the non-fiction book category by the Arizona Press Women, and a finalist by
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