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How To Stop Being Angry With Someone

I find it amusing that very often when I’m scheduled to do a radio show or present a lecture I’m speaking on a subject matter that reflects a lesson I need reminded of. Today’s show is no exception. I’m one who is slow to anger and quick to forgive. However, occasionally I find myself trapped […]
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Why Couple’s Fight and How Not To

I enjoy reading advice columns. Yesterday, a disgruntled woman complained that Hallmark created the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day to remind singles that they are losers. (I’m pretty sure Hallmark wasn’t in existence during the Middle Ages when this day was first set aside to celebrate St. Valentine.) That being said, most people long to […]
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“Did You Hear About…? A Look at Rumors and Gossip”

I abhor rumors and gossip. They’re petty, destructive, and hateful. Yet, truth-be-told, I have engaged in gossip from time-to-time. I’m not proud of it, just honest. I could try to justify it by saying that I’ve only done so out of concern for others. Sometimes the sharing of information about another person can genuinely be […]
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