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Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold on Incito

Yasmine is fueled by a passion to leverage technology for good. She’s the CEO of ROAR for Good, a B-corp aimed at helping protect women using smart jewelry and education. She’s also the founder of Girl Develop it Philadelphia, a non-profit aimed at lessening the gender gap in technology and she sits on the board […]
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Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Tansel Ali on Incito

Tansel Ali is one of the world’s most successful memory experts. Having won four Australian Memory Championship titles, he holds many national memory records, which include remembering the most names and faces in five minutes. However, as seen on TV, he is most famously known as “The Human Yellow Pages,” for having memorized 2 Yellow […]
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Creating Equality Around the World

Nihar Suthar interviewed Fawzia Koofi, Vice President of the National Assembly in Afghanistan and Presidential candidate for 2018, on Incito tonight. There was some extremely deep discussion about gender and education inequality. Fawzia reflected on living conditions under the Taliban. She said that during the time of the Taliban regime, women were not even treated […]
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