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How to Discover Your Million Dollar Message!

The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on Monday, October 1st, 9:00 a.m. will feature the dynamic Maurice DiMino who is The Sicilian Mentor.  Maurice is an award winning speaker, author and mentor.  He created the “Sicilian Mentor Presentation Template.”  Authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and network marketers have used his template and they have turned their Number #1 […]
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3.12.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest DrBreakThrough

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr BreakThrough Mentor – Life Coach – Motivational Speaker At age 6 young Stan was beaten, tarred and feathered by a teenage gang. Martial Arts Master – Life Coach He started in MartialArts (Isshin’ryu Karate) to learn how to protect himself, now 41 years later, out of 6 billion people in […]
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