Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

The High Price Tag of Anger: What is it Really Costing You?

There’s no doubt: anger takes its toll on every facet of our lives. From on the job, to our personal relationships, to our health and overall enjoyment of life, destructive anger can wreak havoc in our daily lives. On the job it cost businesses over $4.2 billion, yes -billion, a year. Fighting at work, time […]
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January Jones welcomes Elinor Stutz, Nice Girls Do Get The Sale

A vision came to me while at Stanford Hospital lying on a stretcher with a broken neck. I had one of those near-death experiences you read about but never happens to you. My life flashed in front of me in the form of a report card. On the left hand side, I had very high marks, but the right hand side was startling – it was blank and entitled Community Service! I instantly recognized a need
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