Daily Archives: July 1, 2015

Speak Up! Alternatives to Remaining Silent

We all get angry. It’s a normal, useful, healthy emotion. It’s not our anger that gets us in trouble. It’s the way in which we express, or suppress, it that that exacerbates the situation. The majority of people I’ve met believe that there are only two ways of handling anger: the first is with an […]
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El Jefe of Nuevo Latino Cooking- Chef Douglas Rodriguez- The Connected Table LIVE

“The most important Latin chef in the restaurant world.” —Nina Zagat, Zagat Guides  He’s been called “the godfather of Nuevo Latino cooking” by media and food industry cognoscenti.  His dishes pack a “pow” in flavor, texture and color. I first became familiar with Chef Douglas Rodriguez’s muy sabroso culinary style when he was still in his […]
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