Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Guest Carol Moulin on Incito

Originally from New Orleans and the mother of two, Carol is a writer and strong advocate for the empowerment of women. She overcame several challenges of her own in the past, which prompted her to co-found Café Sanctuary, an outreach program that helps people in abusive situations to escape. Carol also provides life coaching to […]
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Twisted Tongue: When Others Manipulate Your Words

Effectively communicating with others can present enough challenges without the added issue of one who twists and distorts your words. Below is a transcript of a recent conversation I had with someone (who refers to himself as a member of the black race) on facebook. He posted the controversial chant “Black Lives Matter” in an […]
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January Jones-The Jersey Devil-Joe Peptone

"The Jersey Devil" Stars:: Chris Mulkey ("Captain Phillips","Boardwalk Empire"), Keith Collins ("Gravedigger") David Chokachi ("Baywatch") Jack Mulcahy ("The Brothers McMullen") and Penelope Lagos ("Stuck in the Middle").
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