Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Guest Qasim Aslam on Incito

In 2001, Qasim Aslam discovered that the history he was learning from one book had multiple conflicting points to the same history presented in another book. Furthermore, he went on to realize the startling truth that kids never questioned or examined many of the things they came across in the world. Therefore, he decided to […]
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January Jones-Misplaced author S. L Hulen

The rich history and mysterious locations of the southwest serve as the setting for her novel, Misplaced. The six words she uses to describe her life are “Rough start, doing much better now.” She presently lives with her husband in Phoenix where the flavors, traditions, and soul of the southwest continue to inspire her.
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“WHY” This Gets Rid of Anger

It doesn’t take much for some people to get angry. For others, the process takes a bit longer. There must be certain criteria present before one is willing to relinquish their serenity. For those who fly off the handle rather quickly, there is a simple one word question they can ask before choosing to become […]
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