Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

January Jones-Identity Theft-Robert Siciliano

99 THINGS YOU WISH YOU KNEW BEFORE® ... YOUR IDENTITY WAS STOLEN proactively organizes, simplifies, and demystifies the entire issue of identity theft and computer fraud into bite size chunks to make you, your family, employees and small business safe and secure. Learn the difference between Scareware, Ransomware and Spyware Understand what is a Black Hat, Cracker, Script-kiddie and Hacktivist Know how to protect your identity online and in the physical world.
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January Jones-Sutures of The Mind- Rick Jetter

Dr. Jetter is a leader in motivational speaking, an author of multi-genre books, and consulting with others for their personal and professional career advancement. He knows how the battlefield of life can cast scars on one's mind and soul and as a result, rebuilding oneself is a top priority of Dr. Jetter's message to his clients, followers, and fans!
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