Daily Archives: January 25, 2016

Champagne Taittinger: A Family Affair- Jan 27 on The Connected Table LIVE

Sometimes, if your name is on a product, you’ll do anything to make sure you own it. That’s certainly the case with Champagne Taittinger, the venerable producer of one of the world’s most sought after sparkling wines who famously in 2005 lost their interest in the family winery only to buy it back in 2007 […]
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The Connected Table LIVE Says “G’Day Mate” to Hunter Smith, Frankland Estate Winery Jan. 27

When your wine is called Isolation Ridge, it’s a pretty sure bet that getting to where its made will probably include a lot of driving, and not necessarily on major roads. Of course, once one leaves the relatively few major cities on the world’s smallest Continent, that can be said for much of Australia. That […]
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January Jones – 2016 Success with Dr. Simon Casey

Simon Casey is a nationally known Author, Speaker, Educator and the founder of Emotional Mastery Program. Graduated from Waltham College in London with emphasis on pre-med. He concluded alcoholism studies and Forensic Mental Health in Clinical Practice programs at University of Irvine. Later he graduated from California Coast University and received his Doctorate in Psychology. He is a licensed Alcohol and drug abuse counselor as well as and Board Certified Eating Disorders Specialist. He concluded
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