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Meet Sarah Masoni @ Oregon State University Food Innovation Center – The Connected Table LIVE! Aug 23

What is the recipe for becoming a successful food entrepreneur, and in what direction is food innovation heading? We discuss August 23 with Sarah Masoni, who manages the Product & Process Development Team working at the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University. We met Sarah at this summer’s Fancy Food Show in New York presented by the […]
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Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Calestous Juma on Incito

Calestous Juma was born in Port Victoria, on the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria. Floods constantly inundated his family’s village. One day, as residents of the village were pondering how to replant local crops that were destroyed by a devastating flood, Calestous’s father introduced a new plant known as cassava. Many people were against the […]
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On Proceed and Succeed (3/12/13) – Why you must innovate in your business

One of the biggest mistakes business owners of all types make is to believe that their business model is perfect. Businesses have to continually innovate to remain successful. There are big public examples…BlackBerry, for instance. They had their market locked up. Their core customers like physical keyboards. Well, Apple showed the world that a touch […]
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