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January Jones_It’s Your Life with Maureen Sharphouse

If you had met me several years ago you would have been facing a 6stone 2lbs frail hollow eyed lady hobbling around on a stick and zimmer frame, and being taken out in a wheelchair. I relied on carers to bath and dress me and had been awarded disability benefits from life at the highest rates available for both care and mobility - for it wasn't expected that I would ever improve. I lived in
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January Jones-Leading You Out of The Darkness Into The Light

Maxwell Ivey is an inspirational and motivational personal coach who also runs a business brokering carnival rides and amusement equipment. A native Texan, Max loves to sing and spend time with his unique and crazy dog, a “Greymation” named Penny.
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January Jones – Holidays & Depression-Jim Bender

Life is a journey and sometimes that journey can be rough. The devastation's of life can throw you into a deep valley that you can't get out of. "Finding Joy" will help you find your way out of the valley and help you find healing along the way.
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January Jones welcomes Charly Emery

Hello, I'm Charly Emery. You may have seen me as a relationship expert on Fox News in LA or Bostonwhere I've shared some of the savvy and strategic tips from my modern handbook on attracting fabulous relationships, Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right! Most recently I appeared as a coach on Nigel Lythgoe's new show, Opening Act, which premieres on E! network on July 9
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January Jones welcomes Mari Mitchell-Porter

About the Author Mari Mitchell Porter is a relationship coach, life coach, author and speaker. She lives in South Florida with her husband, son and daughters. Her passion is working with people to bring love and fulfillment into their lives through coaching, writing and inspirational material. If you are looking for support,encouragement and guidance in your life, you may contact Mari for a complimentary initial consultation.
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