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Finger Food for Entertaining! RECIPES. SUNDAY, 1pm ET

Whether we are entertaining or just plain feeding our family and ourselves every day, finger food is the easy ticket to satisfying hungry guests and kids.  Grazing is more and more the norm as a daily eating habit.  Kids, especially young kids, love to eat with their fingers.  Some of us “grown-ups” do to!  Cocktail […]
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Feeding Babies and Toddlers Right from the Start! RECIPES. TODAY. 1pm ET

Why does it matter what you feed your babies and toddlers? You are setting a template for the rest of their lives. When I had my first child, I flew to Iceland to live after she was 6 weeks old.  There I was at the mercy of the Naval Base pediatrician who put her on […]
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Is there a salad bar in your children’s school cafeteria?  Would it make a difference to you if they did?  Would it make a school performance difference if your kids ate salad at lunch?  Do you kids even eat salad?  It has been noticed that often the required ½ cup serving of a fruit or […]
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