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Finger Food for Entertaining! RECIPES. SUNDAY, 1pm ET

Whether we are entertaining or just plain feeding our family and ourselves every day, finger food is the easy ticket to satisfying hungry guests and kids.  Grazing is more and more the norm as a daily eating habit.  Kids, especially young kids, love to eat with their fingers.  Some of us “grown-ups” do to!  Cocktail […]
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Food Network Star Finalist Cooks for Food Allergies! SUNDAY. 1pm ET. RECIPES

Food Allergies are found in most families these days.  Even if you don’t have any in yours, odds are, your friends, and especially their children, have a food they cannot eat. Be it Dairy, Nut, Seafood, Soy, Eggs, Wheat or even citrus and cinnamon, these food allergens make it challenging to serve one meal for […]
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Delicious Guilt-Free Entertaining! RECIPES. SUNDAY. 1pm ET. W4WN radio

Oh Boy.  This is the time of year when we say, “I deserve it.”  This is when we decide to entertain our family and friends with all kinds of sweets and treats, ones not found in our house the rest of the year.  But it is not just the sweets.  Do you find yourself cooking […]
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