Daily Archives: December 14, 2015

Sipping Toddies- December 16 on The Connected Table LIVE

When the cold or flu hits me (as it did last October), I crave a warm Toddy. By definition a Toddy is a hot drink of  whiskey, sugar and water. But in the right hands, it is much more. It’s hot magic in a glass. According to cocktail historian and author, Dave Wondrich, the Toddy originated […]
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A Beer That May Be Good for What Ales You

Remember that college mantra  “beer makes you smarter?” Memory hint: it was usually uttered by someone with beer goggles on. We did a little research asking if drinking beer made you smarter. A 2012 study at Oregon State University reported that xanthohumol in hops, a main ingredient in beer, has been found to increase brain function in high doses. […]
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January Jones – Holidays & Loss of A Child-Donna Mebane

While Donna has had numerous writing experiences over the years, she became a published author after she wrote Tomorrow Comes as a way of envisioning a future for her 19-year-old daughter who went to sleep one night and never woke up.
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