Daily Archives: November 8, 2017

What is your WQ? (Workplace Intelligence)

Join us this Thursday at 5pm ET for the Future-Proof Workplace show! This week we welcome Mark Babbitt, President and Senior Partner of WorqIQ, a consultancy that helps organizations and their leaders improve the experience of work by helping them understand, then raise, their collective level of Workplace Intelligence, or “WQ.” We will discuss the […]
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At some point in almost every person’s life, we have made false assumptions about another or blamed an innocent party for something they were not responsible for. Needless to say, both of these behaviors can lead to hurt feelings, people being offended and outraged or an angry defensive response from the targeted party. In some […]
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Wanderlust Wednesday- Exploring Rioja and Turkey with The Connected Table LIVE!- Nov 8

We’re exploring two regions of the world November 8, 2pmEST on The Connected Table LIVE! From Rioja with Love- Ana Fabiano We always like to play the  “did you know” game, when we write about people. As in, did you know so- and- so used to be an landscaper before becoming a winery owner? Or did […]
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