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Drinking Up Success and Giving Back: Tales of the Cocktail’s Ann Tuennerman

New Orleans has long been considered the birthplace of the cocktail. In fact there is a Museum of Cocktail located in the city.  Eating and drinking is an essential part of New Orleans’ rich culinary culture, from its storied bars and restaurants and iconic Creole and Cajun dishes to the cocktails that were created there: the […]
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Rum vs Rhum vs Rhum Agricole

Question: Do you know the difference between Rum and Rhum? Answer: They are both “Rum.” Rhum is from the French speaking part of the Caribbean. Rum from the English part. Then there’s Ron covering the Hispanic Caribbean. Question: Do you know the difference between Rhum  and Rhum Agricole? Answer: Rhum is made from molasses; Rhum Agricole is made […]
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