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Truth about Nuts, Seeds & Honey – Recipes! SUNDAY. 1pm ET. Join Us!

The truth is, the nutrient benefits of nuts, seeds and honey are astounding!  When listening to the media reports and no nuts allowed proclamations, you would think most people are allergic to them.  Not so.  And, seeds offer safe alternatives to those who do have nut allergies. And, honey is another nutrition powerhouse, but it […]
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“Which Sweeteners are Best – especially for Baking”

FAMILY FOOD EXPERTS RADIO PROMO for 10/24/12 “Which Sweeteners are Best – especially for Baking” Sugar, Sugar-Free, Honey, Stevia, Sucanat… so many choices.  Which ones are best, and which are an absolute No?  If you don’t use sugar, how do you use other sweeteners when making muffins, cookies or even ice cream? Here in our […]
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